How much baby should sleep

August 22, 2012

Please be aware that for the child in the first month of life 3-4 hours of sleep (from the beginning of the last feeding) is enough. After this time the baby is awaked and. Such standards have been included in the latest standards of prenatal care. To wake your child is not always necessary, because [...]

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Why walk is so important to the baby?

July 11, 2012

The sun rays are very important for the health of the child. Your pediatrician certainly will confirm this. Indeed, the sunlight is needed by the body to produce vitamin D, which is converted to the calcium needed for bone development, allowing them to grow hard and healthy. Even in winter, when the sun is obscured [...]

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Balance Bike

May 23, 2012

Balance Bike is a great idea for the first bike for your child. The fact that it has only two wheels and in itself is not stable – ideally teaches the child to maintain balance. Two feet of the rider being in constant contact with the ground it provides a sense of security for child, [...]

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Teddy bears, dolls and bricks – all for love

February 5, 2012

Can you count how many toys have got your child? I am not able to do so. Because the toys are purchased frequently and the children are bored with them quickly. It seems to us that if we love our children we should buy them lots of toys. But I think that here the most important is not the numbers of toys but the quality of it. It is the best if toys are creative because then the child will use them longer. If these toys are funny and builds up imagination of a child, [...]

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Do not let your child to do whatever he or she wants to do

February 3, 2012

Many of parents believe that good education is to allow child to do whatever child wants to do. I believe that such thinking is not good and appropriate. Pampering your children in some way is like  hurting  them. I think that the child is like a garden which needs to be pruned and nurtured, you cannot let that bush grow without control. So it is with children that need to be educated and do not grow without control. Since childhood  child need to be properly developed or may I say routed, [...]

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TV is no substitute as a parent for a child

February 2, 2012

I am well aware of how television helps in raising our child.. There is nothing easier than to sit a three-year child in front of TV and turn on cartoon for him. The child as hypnotize  can sit and stare at the glass screen for hours and at this time we can do other things. You have to wonder here if this is a good solution. TV definitely is not a replacement of parents to the child. The children should develop their imagination and the TV does not help [...]

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